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The Coffee Officina


The Coffee Officina

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The Coffee Officina Ecoagricola Brazil Tropical Fermentation

Ecoagricola Brazil

Single Origin

Nougat and plum aroma. Rum and raisin with citrus notes. Round body with low acidity.

The Coffee Officina Jinotega Community Nicaragua

Jinotega Community Nicaragua

Single Origin

Marzipan and candied fruit aroma. Notes of orange, watermelon and red grape. Bold sweetness with a clean acidity.

The Coffee Officina Unico Blend



Rich milk chocolate and hazelnut aroma. Forest berries with delicate floral notes. Honey sweetness with a juicy body and low acidity.

The Coffee Officina Tropical Fruit Symphony Nicaragua

Tropical Fruit Symphony Nicaragua

Single Origin

Blueberry and tropical fruit aroma. Notes of pineapple, raspberry and lychee. Juicy mouthfeel and smooth body.

The Coffee Officina Los Nogales El Salvador Single OriginExclusive Varietal

Los Nogales El Salvador

Single Origin

Toasted almond and apricot aroma. Notes of apple and brown sugar. Clean and vibrant acidity.

The Coffee Officina Hermosa Costa Rica Single Origin

Hermosa Costa Rica

Single Origin

Cocoa and honey aroma. Notes of peach tea and grapefruit. Juicy body with a clean acidity.

The Coffee Officina Samambaia Brazil Single OriginExclusive Varietal

Samambaia Brazil

Single Origin

Milk chocolate and hazelnut aroma. Notes of nougat and cherry. A full body with low acidity.

The Coffee Officina Guatemala Todosantarita Single Origin

Todosantarita Guatemala

Single Origin

Hazelnut and caramel aroma. Notes of green apple & brown sugar sweetness. Refined acidity with a clean finish.

The Coffee Officina Single Origins Selection

Single origin selection

Costa Rica, Brazil & Guatemala

This seasonal selection consists of 3 200g bags of single origin coffees. You can find more information about the origins and tasting notes of each coffee in the webshop.

The Coffee Officina Fiori Espresso Blend

Fiori Espresso


Dark chocolate and cherry aroma. Stewed apricots and peaches. Delicate floral undertones.

The Coffee Officina Tacueyo Colombia Single Origin

Tacueyó Colombia

Single Origin

Cherry and marzipan aroma. Notes of pomegranate and cola. Complex acidity with a tea like finish.

The Coffee Officina Iyenga AB Tanzania Single Origin

Iyenga AB Tanzania

Single Origin

Blackcurrant and brown sugar aroma. Notes of orange and jasmine flowers. Tea like acidity with a soft and sweet finish.

The Coffee Officina Capucas Honduras Swiss Water Decaf Single Origin

Capucas Co-operative Honduras

Swiss Water Decaf

Sweet walnut aroma. Rounded body with hints of maple syrup. Bright and delicate acidity.