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Why Use a Reusable Coffee Cup?

Reasons To Use A Reusable Coffee Cup

So many of us head out of the door each morning with one goal in mind, to secure a nice, wholesome cup of coffee before heading to work. But what if we told you that doing so would be contributing to the 16 billion paper cups being used to serve our favourite hot beverages each year? But that’s not all. That figure equates to 6.5 million trees being cut down and the same amount of energy required to power 54,000 homes for an entire year. Crazy, right?! That’s why so many of us are being encouraged to use our own reusable coffee cups wherever we can with even our favourite leading coffeehouses jumping on board to do their bit for the environment. Find out more about the best reusable coffee cups as we answer common questions including ‘are reusable coffee cups good for the environment’ below.


Why Should You Use A Reusable Coffee Cup?

Many of us ask the question ‘why use a reusable coffee cup’ and we’re on a mission to encourage as many hot drink fanatics to make the switch from boring, plain branded coffee cups to their own, jazzy reusable ones.


  1. Keep Your Hot Drinks Hot & Cold Drinks Cold For Longer

In addition to helping reduce plastic waste, reusable coffee cups are likely to keep your hot beverage of choice hotter for longer, meaning that you can enjoy drinking it throughout the morning rather than between a 10-minute window when it reaches the perfect temperature. This is especially true if your reusable cup is insulated. The same goes for cold drinks too, such as a cold coffee on a hot summer’s day. Instead of warming to its environment, it was stay cool, allowing you to sip away at pleasure.

  1. Style & Budget

Even the best reusable coffee cups are fit for any budget and style, and you don’t have to pay the earth to do your bit to become more sustainable. There are many different reusable coffee cups to purchase almost anywhere including your favourite coffeehouse, supermarkets, and homeware stores. Though some coffee ships such as Costa Coffee and Starbucks offer a discount to customers who supply their own reusable cup, many have converted to making their hot drinks and taking them on the go with them, helping save you ££. Not only that, but you’ll have more control over the type of hot beverage you’re drinking such as additives and sugar.

  1. Greater Heat Protection

Whilst some in-store coffee cups come with a cardboard sleeve to help protect us from the boiling water inside, many don’t or do not work to the best of their ability to keep our hands toasty but not burnt. With the best reusable coffee cups, however, you’re often welcomed with a silicon sleeve that’s designed to offer greater heat resistance plus greater grip – it’s a win win! This can be particularly beneficial for young children who enjoy consuming warm milk, a hot chocolate, or any other hot drink from time to time.

  1. Convenience

Last but by no means least, there really is never a time a reusable coffee cup isn’t needed. Running late and haven’t had time to enjoy your morning coffee? Use a reusable cup. Need to dash out the door with half a drink to go? Use a reusable cup. Heading out for the day with the kids? Use a reusable cup. About to embark on a long car journey? Use a reusable cup. It really is that straightforward so when it comes to saving the environment remember that not all hero’s wear capes but use reusable coffee cups instead.

What is the best reusable coffee cup in your eyes?