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The Coffee Officina


The Coffee Officina

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New Coffee From El Salvador

The Coffee Officina Finca Loma La Gloria El Salvador Single Origin

The rugged mountains deemed the Cordillera El Bálsamo run through the southern reaches of El Salvador, creating pristine coffee-producing climate where Finca Loma La Gloria is situated. Quetzaltepec is another name for the infamous San Salvador volcano, which helped create the rich volcanic soils of this region. Nearly 25% of El Salvador’s coffee comes from this mountainous terrain.
Finca Loma La Gloria was initially founded by Roberto Pimentel in the late 1990’s, naming it after his grandfather’s estate, translating to
mean “Hill of Glory.” Originally a civil engineer, Roberto was able to successfully construct a mill for the coffee farm in 2001. Unfortunately, it was abandoned, forcing the cherries to be sold to local mills, reducing the farm’s income. Thankfully, in 2012, Roberto’s daughter Anny Ruth Pimentel, left her day job and took over the mill and the farm operations, reigniting the machine of Finca Loma La Gloria. Realising her love for coffee production and milling, she created a team that was able to generate a perfected system from cultivation to hulling.

The careful harvesting and processing methods have allowed this farm to gain prominence worldwide with its refined processing methods, high altitudes, and excellent quality.
This lot is comprised of Pacamara, which are selectively hand-picked and sorted prior to being delivered to the mill. The coffee is carefully spread on raised beds and left to dry in the open sun for three weeks. Once the ideal moisture content is attained, the coffee is hulled and rested prior to export.
Not only is Finca Loma La Gloria home to a unique father-daughter mill operation, but thanks to the high altitudes, rich soils, and biodiverse canopies, there are a plethora of bird species fluttering throughout the coffee including blue jays, Chiltotas, Torditos, Guacalchias, and various Hummingbirds. The coffee is surrounded by native shade, providing the ideal microclimate for coffee production whilst also preserving the surrounding ecosystems.