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The Coffee Officina


The Coffee Officina

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New Coffee from Coope Tarrazu in Costa Rica

The Coffee Officina San Francisco Costa Rica Single Origin

Back in February we visited Coope Tarrazu in Costa Rica and witnessed first hand the amazing passion and culture for producing high quality coffee, whilst supporting a whole community of member farmers and their families.

Founded in 1960, Coope Tarrazu now has around 5000 members and the board of directors is still made up of farmers. In 2012, they launched the ‘Café de Comunidades’ program, which offers micro-lot coffees from farmers in the area.

The coop provides nurseries, agronomy support, training and a whole host of services. Coffee pulp is converted into organic fertiliser, coffee trees are given to farmers to maintain crop health, and power for the office is generated from solar panels.

The businesses that the coop also owns to maintain these activities, such as gas stations and supermarkets also generate a reward for the coop member farmers at the end of the year.

After tasting many great coffees whilst visiting the Coop, we are super excited to share our favourite with you. We chose a very special natural processed lot from the San Francisco community in León Cortés.

San Francisco community is located in the Canton of León Cortés and it is only 30 minutes away from San Marcos de Tarrazú. The main economic activity in this area is based on coffee production.

Some producers also plant avocado to diversify and secure their income’s throughout the different seasons of the year. In this community, the coffee harvest begins on December 1st and ends at the ending of February.