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The Coffee Officina


The Coffee Officina

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Limited Edition Coffee Officina Mug

The Coffee Officina mug

We are super excited to reveal this fantastic collaboration with the very talented, Essex based ceramicist, Beci Callow.

This collection features 40 limited edition mugs, each have been handmade, numbered and designed by us with coffee in mind.
The wide and open shape of the mug enhances and intensifies the aroma of the coffee you are drinking.

We visited Beci’s workshop last summer and immediately fell in love with her work. We’ve collaborated on something very special for The Coffee Officina, just in time for Christmas!

Beci uses traditional ceramic techniques to create modern colourful ceramics that often have an illustrative light hearted quality. She believes that the items in your home should make you smile when you use them and she tries to cultivate this in all her designs.

All the mugs have been hand thrown and trimmed on the wheel using a flecked stoneware clay, which is very durable once fired at a really high temperature in the kiln.

These mugs are the perfect size for filter brewing methods, including AeroPress, Pour-over and Cafetiere. However, it can also be used for tea and hot chocolate, shhhh…