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The Coffee Officina

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Jairo Arcila - Colombia

The Coffee Officina Jairo Arcila Colombia Single Origin

Our latest coffee comes to us from Jairo Arcila in Colombia. Santa Mónica farm is located in Quindio, in the western-central region of the country. As a third-generation coffee grower, Jairo’s experience and style has gained him a strong international reputation. We are delighted to offer you this Pacamara which comes to us via a new import partner – Cofinet.

Cofinet was founded by Jairo’s two sons – Carlos and Felipe Arcila. They have considerable experience in the Specialty sector and work closely with their father. Collectively, their efforts have helped Jairo explore new varietals and processes, improve his logistics and develop coffees which have built his reputation in the Speciality sector.

Jairo’s first job was working as a mill manager for Colombia’s second largest coffee exporter, and he stayed in this role until retirement in 2019. Over his 40 years of employment, he was able to purchase several coffee farms – beginning with Finca La Esmerelda in 1987. The increased earnings from owning his own farm ­and working full-time allowed him to purchase five more farms – Villarazo, Mazatlan, Santa Monica, Maracay and Buenos Aires. With six farms, and a wealth of experience, Jairo is able to bolster the local economy by providing jobs through the harvest season. Aside from coffee, he also produces other agricultural products which include plantain, banana, mandarin and orange.

The coffee we present to you is a Pacamara microlot. This varietal originated in El Salvador as a cross between two other varietals, namely Pacas and Marogogipe. This lot has gone through a multi-stage fermentation, or Natural EF2 process – one of several Arcila processing styles. The cherries were exposed to 24 hours of dry aerobic fermentation, following which they were placed inside Grainpro* bags for a further 50 hours at a temperature below 22ºC. Finally, the coffee was left on raised beds until they reached 11% moisture content.

Our sensorial notes are: pineapple and dark chocolate aroma. Notes of vanilla and sugar cane. Gentle acidity with a soft and sweet finish.

We are delighted to share this coffee with you, and we hope you enjoy the fruit-forward flavours that the varietal and process offer.