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Ismeria Leon Peru

The Coffee Officina Ismeria Leon Peru Single Origin

As always, the team here at The Coffee Officina have been working hard to explore options for new and interesting single origins. As delightful as this sounds, it is not without its own pressures – with political tensions in West Asia, we are also having a knock-on effect, delaying the arrival of our planned release. However, as the old saying goes: “what is for you won’t go past you!” We certainly think our new washed Peru, from Ismeria Leon, will be for all of you.

Wonderfully approachable, this coffee should appeal to most palates. On the nose, it is sweet and caramelised, reminding us of raisins and sultanas. This sweetness is continued with notes of raspberry, carried on a tea like body. While not being overly acidic, there is enough brightness to lean into and we found this lends itself to a complex and somewhat fruity finish.

Hot on the heels of International Womens’ Day, it seems appropriate that our next coffee comes to us from an amazing woman – Ismeria Leon. Her approach to work centres on a constant desire to improve the quality of her coffee and the productivity of her farm. A single farmer and a single mother of four – Ismeria is solely responsible for her own training and development. She is committed to regular participation in training and workshops run by green coffee consortiums. We think this commitment to excellence shines in this offering.

This coffee is produced in Queromarca, in the Cajamarca region of Peru. This location is located about 2000 masl, and is ideally suited to the production of speciality coffee with multiple microclimates on offer. In the local district of Callayuc, this village was the one of the first to shift from corn, potato and cattle farming to the production of coffee. Ismeria’s coffee journey began in 2015 with the realisation that the local environment was perfect for coffee cultivation. Along with her sister, Merly, and other neighbours, she shifted to to production of Caturra, Bourbon and Typica varietals. Remarkably, Ismeria’s farm is limited to no more than 2ha – about 3.5 football pitches in size.

Considering all these factors, we are proud to offer this coffee. It is the product of one woman’s hard work on a small farm – work which has a reaches across the world and competes with the best in terms of quality and flavour. We hope you love it!