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The Coffee Officina


The Coffee Officina

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Coffee Officina mugs are back in stock!

Coffee Officina mugs

The Coffee Officina mugs are back in stock with 2 new coloured handles and a new baby size addition. Hurrah!

After launching our super popular first collection, we’ve had so many people asking for more. We’ve listened to you and decided to produce another collection featuring 40 limited edition CO mugs and 40 baby size mugs, each have been handmade by Beci Callow and designed by us with coffee in mind.

All the mugs have been hand thrown and trimmed on the wheel using a flecked stoneware clay, which is very durable once fired at a really high temperature in the kiln.

The mugs have a wide and open shape which enhances and intensifies the aroma of the coffee you are drinking. The baby mug also snuggles perfectly in your hand.

The bigger mugs are the perfect size for filter brewing methods, including AeroPress, Pour-over and Cafetiere.
The baby size is great for a double espresso or a Moka Pot brew.

You can now choose from 4 different coloured ring handles in both size mugs. Canary, orange, teal and denim.