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Brill Espresso Blend

The Coffee Officina Shop Coffee Brill Espresso Blend

To keep your palate excited, we are releasing the Brill Espresso Blend which showcases ethically sourced and high quality coffees from Ethiopia and El Salvador. It is roasted for espresso to bring out the sweetness and chocolatey notes of the coffees.

We originally created this blend for Brill Cafè in Exmouth Market, London. We worked alongside Jeremy Brill to produce a versatile coffee blend packed with flavour and complexity.

“Brill Cafè has always been special to us, even before The Coffee Officina was born. I used to work in a design studio just a few doors down from Brill Cafè and loved going there! Jeremy’s energetic passion for music and coffee were infectious and the atmosphere was always excellent. When I left my job and decided to start The Coffee Officina, we approached Jeremy with the idea of creating something unique for his customers. We spent lots of time researching the right beans, tastings many different coffees and finally perfecting the roast profile to create a well balanced blend. After 20 years, the time came for Jeremy to hang up his apron and sadly close Brill Cafè. However, after receiving an incredible amount of requests to keep the Brill Blend available and with the blessing of Jeremy, we are thrilled to now give more people the chance to try this amazing coffee. We love how coffee brings people together!” – Marcella Fiori, Founder of The Coffee Officina

With this special blend, we wanted to offer some more interesting and complex flavours into your daily cup of coffee.

The floral and fruity notes from the Ethiopian coffee really shine through, along the syrupy body of the El Salvador to create a beautifully rounded brew.