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The Coffee Officina


The Coffee Officina

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AeroPress Championship Recipe

The Coffee Officina Aeropress Championship recipe

Our lovely roastery assistant Amber placed 3rd in the English AeroPress Championship. To celebrate this fabulous achievement we are sharing her winning brew using the ‘inverted method’. This particular recipe was developed specifically for a washed processed coffee from Colombia. However, we think it is a great starting point to approach other single origins too.

Things you need:

Paper Filter
30g of coffee
Total filtered water 200g
Glass Server
Tea spoon


1. Connect the 2 parts of the AeroPress and extend to half length, then stand upside down (inverted).
2. Rinse paper filter through with boiling water.
3. Add 30g of ground coffee in to the AeroPress, a very coarse grind (like you would do for a Cafetiere or n°10 on EK43).
4. Pour 100g of 90°c water onto the coffee and stir with a teaspoon continuously and confidently for 30seconds.
5. Attach filter cap, flip the AeroPress and press into glass server, for 30seconds.
6. Once pressed, add 20g of room temperature water and 80g of 90°c water to the server.
7. Mix well with a teaspoon, serve and enjoy!