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The Coffee Officina We are hiring Coffee Jobs
05.10.20We are hiring!
The Coffee Officina San Francisco Costa Rica Single Origin
19.08.20New Coffee from Costa Rica
Coffee Officina mugs
13.08.20Coffee Officina mugs are back in stock!
The Coffee Officina KCRS Women producers Rwanda
10.06.20New Coffee from Rwanda
The Coffee Officina Samambaia Brazil
27.04.20A typical morning at the roastery
The Coffee Officina Shop Coffee Brill Espresso Blend
31.03.20Brill Espresso Blend
The Coffee Officina coffee roasting Essex
18.03.20COVID-19 Coffee news and updates
The Coffee Officina Ecoagricola Brazil Tropical Fermentation
24.01.20New coffee from Brazil
The Coffee Officina Jinotega Community Nicaragua
09.12.19New coffee from Nicaragua
The Coffee Officina Tropical Fruit Symphony Nicaragua
22.11.19Tropical Fruit Symphony
The Coffee Officina mug
14.11.19Limited Edition Coffee Officina Mug
The Coffee Officina Aeropress Championship recipe
23.10.19AeroPress Championship Recipe

At The Coffee Officina, we can help you to stay up to date with coffee-related news, tips for how to brew coffee at home, new product launches and our exciting news! We post regularly, so you will never miss anything, but also provide you with the perfect read whilst you enjoy a cup of coffee!

As a leading coffee roasting company, our aim is to deliver unique and flavoursome coffee experiences to all our customers; whether that’s home brewers or cafés/restaurants looking to get ahead of their competitors. From our coffee equipment and accessories to our beautiful coffee and even our barista training courses, we are everything coffee at The Coffee Officina.

We have top tips for baristas, allowing cafés/restaurants to serve exceptional cups of coffee, getting ahead of their competition. As well as helping expert baristas to improve their skillset, we also have blog posts outlining how to produce the best mug of coffee for home brewers. Although we explain steps you can follow online, we also hold classes for home brewers, so keep an eye on our coffee news to see when the next one is on and book your ticket! Our coffee tasting and workshops are a real favourite amongst our customers, teaching them and avid coffee lovers about how we source, roast and brew the coffee, and how you can implement similar techniques in the comfort of your own home.

In addition to hosting events and classes, our coffee news consists of new coffees and when they’re released. Whether it’s a new aroma from Costa Rica, Ethiopia, El Salvador or from another location around the world, or a new coffee selection in our range, by following our coffee news, you can be the first to know and even try our new coffee!

Latest Industry Coffee News

As well as our latest coffee news, including when we are hiring or stocking new equipment and accessories, our blog posts also includes recent industry coffee news too. If you are a coffee enthusiast, like ourselves, you will enjoy reading about recent coffee news in our blog posts.

We attend events, including the London Coffee Festival and other international coffee events so by following our posts you can be sure to visit our stand and try our fresh coffee, as well as see how the coffee machines are used. Our coffee news blog posts, as well as our active social media accounts, enable customers to follow our origin trips to source new and exciting flavours to please your tastebuds!

If you would like to find out more, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. Whether it’s about our coffee, accessories, equipment or events, we are always on hand to help and talk about everything coffee!