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The Coffee Officina


The Coffee Officina

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Brewing Methods

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Pour Over


Pour overs are an easy and convenient way of making coffee at home. We recommend using high quality single origin beans to highlight their unique flavour characteristics.

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French Press

the coffee officina brewing method french press cafetiere

A popular way of brewing coffee at home and a really good option for sharing. A coarse grind and a long brewing time will result in a coffee with a full body.

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Moka Pot

the coffee officina brewing method stove top moka pot

This is one of our favourite methods. If you want strong, tasty and full bodied coffee, then this is the brewing method for you. We recommend using our Fiori Espresso Blend in the Moka Pot because of its smooth body and full flavour.

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the coffee officina brewing method aeropress

The Aeropress may look like a complicated brewing equipment, but it’s actually an easy and fun way of making coffee at home. We think that using a single origin coffee works great with this method.

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