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Coffee Cherries

Harvesting & Processing

Before the coffee reaches us, there are many different stages it must go through until it can be roasted. The harvesting and processing of coffee is a long and laborious task, which takes a lot of care and attention. Here is a bit more information on the coffees journey.

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The Coffee Officina Brewing Methods Pour Over

Brewing Methods

A few simple methods to help you brew coffee at home.
We suggest to grind the coffee just before brewing.

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The Coffee Officina grind settings

Grind Settings

There are many different ways to brew coffee and each method requires a different grind size. We suggest to use a burr grinder instead of a blade grinder. This way, you get a more uniform grind resulting in a more balanced flavour.

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The Coffee Officina Our packaging

Our Packaging

Have you ever wondered what all the information
on speciality coffee bags means?
Here is an annotated diagram explaining each point.

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Learn How To Brew Coffee And Coffee Journey, From Field To Cup

At The Coffee Officina, in addition to being leading coffee suppliers in the UK, we also offer information on how to brew coffee and use different techniques and brewing methods. We also give an insight into the harvesting and processing techniques at farm level, so you can have a better understanding on how coffee is farmed, why it tastes the way it does.
Before the coffee reaches us at the roastery, there are many different stages it must go through until it can be roasted and then reaches your cup. The harvesting and processing of coffee is a long and laborious task, which takes a lot of care and attention. There are different ways of picking coffee cherries and processing them too.

Discover Coffee Brewing Methods

If your favourite place to enjoy a cup of coffee is in the comfort of your own home or in your office, we have included some simple coffee brewing methods and recipes, to allow you to experience the exceptional taste of our coffees. Whether you prefer a Pour over, French press, Moka Pot or Aeropress, our simple brewing guides can give you a good starting point to explore the flavour of the coffees and find the right recipes that work for you. For a strong and tasty coffee, the Moka Pot is the ideal coffee brewing method to use to ensure you experience a smooth body and full flavour.
Whether you know how to brew coffee or you want to learn, in our shop you can find all the coffee equipment required to successfully brew your coffee in the comfort of your home. Additionally, if you are looking to learn on how to brew coffee for your coffee shop or train your staff, we offer barista training sessions that will help set your coffee shop or café apart from others. These training sessions are available at either our roastery or your own premises, and we offer a variety of different levels of barista training courses.

The French Press

A firm favourite for brewing coffee in the comfort of your own home, is the French Press, which is also ideal for sharing. This piece of equipment is easy to utilise and only requires a bit of preparation to use it too. Although the Aeorpress looks like a difficult piece of brewing equipment, it can easily be used at home and is good to bring with you whilst travelling. With our simple to-follow recipe, you can easily grind and filter the coffee for a rich tasting cup of coffee.

Recipes For Coffee Brewing Methods

At The Coffee Officina, we have recipes for all the coffee brewing methods, allowing all coffee lovers, whether they’re at home or at work to create that perfect flavour. From a fruity finish to a nutty, floral or sweet flavour, you can produce the perfect cup of coffee with the help of our different coffee brewing methods. Our online shop is perfect if you’re seeking coffee, equipment and the skills to improve your business. For more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team and we can help to find the most suitable equipment and coffee for your business, office or to use at home.