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We are always striving to source the best and most interesting coffees we can. Two of the most important parts of sourcing our coffee are transparency and sustainability; we can tell our customers exactly where our coffee is from and why they taste the way they do.

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Brewing Methods

pouring coffee Moka pot

A few simple methods and recipes to help you brew coffee at home. Let's get brewing!

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Rory Lloyd and Marcella Fiori The Coffee Officina 10th anniversary

We are 10 years old! This year marks a decade since Marcella and Rory opened The Coffee Officina in 2013.

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The Coffee Officina Brazil trip to origin

Find out more about the
coffees journey, from processing to brewing.

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Coffee Wholesale Suppliers & Roasters

At The Coffee Officina, we have our own technique of roasting coffee beans, as we believe that every coffee bean should be treated differently. We have been an established coffee roasting company since 2013, and in that time, we have developed a unique method to roasting coffee beans which brings out the best aromas and flavours of every variety. As coffee wholesalers, our aim is to educate and inspire people about coffee and help our customers to serve and provide the best coffee experience.

We sell a variety of ethical and high-quality coffees from all around the world, enabling home brewers and coffee shops to taste a wide variety of the over 800 flavour compounds available in coffee. From Brazil, to El Salvador and Costa Rica, we have travelled the globe to source unique coffees for you to try. Our coffee roasting company pride ourselves on our extensive and bespoke range of coffees that we are able to offer our customers.

Coffee Roasting Company

As leading coffee suppliers, we roast coffee by using a bespoke technique and consider the art of roasting coffee a science. Our established coffee roasting company conducts recurring testing on the coffee beans to ensure consistency during the roast process. Every type of coffee needs to be treated differently, in fact, we have a different recipe for each bean we work with, as we believe that this is the best way to bring out their unique flavours and complexities. The care and time taken to roast the beans means that each of our coffees have a distinctive and unique taste, making us one of the leading coffee wholesalers UK.

If you’re looking to try a new coffee experience, then our range is sure to impress your taste buds. Whether you want something fruity or nutty, you are sure to find an aroma that you’ll love from our leading coffee roasting company.

More Than Just Coffee Suppliers

In addition to providing coffee shops and independent companies with our carefully roasted coffee beans, as coffee suppliers, we also sell coffee machinery and coffee accessories to enhance the overall coffee experience.

As renowned wholesale coffee roasters, we work alongside Sanremo and Iberital, who are leading espresso machine manufacturers in the industry. We can help you choose the most suitable equipment for your business that will also meet your budget. This will allow you to enhance your business, as your customers grow through your delicious coffee that is made efficiently and with care. Our equipment can also be bought by coffee lovers to utilise at home to improve their coffee experience even further. As well as selling coffee machinery from leading brands, our accessories allow customers to enjoy our bespoke coffees either in the comfort of their own home or out and about.

We are not just coffee suppliers and wholesale coffee company, we also offer barista training helping you to achieve a more balanced and consistent flavour when serving your expertly-prepared coffee, making you stand out from the competition. As leading coffee wholesale suppliers, our workshops are available for all coffee lovers to learn more about the profile of different coffee beans and how we bring out the best aromas and flavours through our methods, as well as how to improve your coffee-making skills at home. Coffee isn’t just a commodity, and great tasting coffee is an exciting experience that we want to share with everybody by inspiring and educating people through showcasing the coffee roasting process in a more transparent way.

Our products are influenced by our travels, our cultural backgrounds, the passionate people we work with, and the diverse styles and flavours of the coffee beans we supply. As leading coffee wholesale suppliers, our enthusiasm and love go into roasting the coffee beans, to ensure that we show off the unique flavours that are locked inside the green coffee. We strive to source the most interesting flavours possible and choose coffees that are at their best depending on their seasonality.

If you would like more information about our coffee roasting company, don’t hesitate to contact us, today. As leading coffee wholesale suppliers, we can assist you with all your coffee roasting queries!


Where is your coffee sourced and roasted?

Though our coffee is sourced from small farms and cooperatives worldwide, we roast our coffee at our roastery in Matching Tye, Essex. The roasting forms a vital part of showcasing the unique flavours of the coffee beans. Each type of coffee deserves an individual roasting profile, hence why we treat each differently during the roasting process. You can find out more by reading ‘our story’ or contacting our team today.

Does The Coffee Officina sell coffee equipment and accessories?

If you’re passionate about coffee, you’ll be pleased to learn we have a wide range of coffee equipment to fuel your love of coffee at home or in your hospitality business. As leading coffee suppliers, we stock the leading brands for our equipment, including Sanremo, Iberital and Fiorenzato. From espresso machines to coffee grinders, you can find the equipment that best suits your requirements and where you’ll use it. All our equipment is top of the range and leading in technology for a seamless process.

Does The Coffee Officina deliver outside of the U.K?

Due to the increasing complexities of cross-border exports and Customs and Duty charges, we can only offer delivery within the United Kingdom for now. However, you can still go ahead with your order if you wish. We would advise you to get in touch for a personalised quote for shipping. To find out more about Customs charges and taxation policies, please contact your local customs office or visit their official website.

How much is delivery, and how long does it take to receive my order?

At The Coffee Officina, all our coffee is roasted to order so we can end the freshest coffee possible. We aim to send orders out no later than 48 hours after receiving the order. Orders should reach the recipient within 3-4 working days after receiving a payment confirmation email. Please find our delivery policy here if you want more information about our delivery options, including prices, for the U.K. and beyond.

When making coffee, which grinds size and settings would you recommend?

Different grind sizes and settings are required for different types of brewing methods. For example, espresso, cafetière, AeroPress or pour-over and the style of coffee you would like to drink (intense brew or more subtle flavours) will determine the grind size and setting. You can visit our grind settings page in our learn section to learn more. We also have different brewing recipes here to give you a good starting point for brewing your coffee.

Do you offer barista training courses for individuals and businesses?

At The Coffee Officina, we want to help businesses grow, and a barista training course can help your café or restaurant get ahead of your competitors. Therefore, we offer a variety of different levels of training and coffee knowledge classes. These are held at either our roastery or your premises. For more information and to book our classes or courses, get in touch with our helpful team.